The E.A.T. Foundation of Wendell, NC

This foundation is in memory of our son Emmanuel Asher Taybron (E.A.T.)
who is in heaven with the Lord and his relatives.
We want to honor him by leaving his legacy on earth by doing what he would have done, GIVE BACK!




The vision for the E.A.T foundation is where the youth can connect, grow, flourish. The ultimate goal and vision is to create world-class leaders to become change agents in their effective communities and or any environment they are planted.


The way this foundation plans to impact our future generations is through multiple facets; but not limited to, educational enrichment experiences, mental wellness, exercise and fitness activities, recreational camps, dietary programs, field trips, college campus visits, multi-facet seminars (financial stewardship, leadership, governmental enlightenments), and the like.


Enlisted – (5yrs-12yrs) – Connect (Kindergarten-Middle School) – (5yrs-9yrs) & (10yrs-12yrs)

Warrant Officers – (13yrs-20yrs) – Grow (High School-Early College) – (13yrs-16yrs) & (17yrs-20yrs)

Officer Grades – (21yrs-30yrs) – Flourish (College Graduate – Workforce)


Why am I so passionate about helping the youth? Well, when I was growing up in a single parent home with four siblings (Paulette, Sharon, Andre, and Alton) in the North Carolina region of Nash/Wilson County area resources went lacking. My mother, Romaine Taybron-Mitchell, worked 2-3 jobs at a time to make ends meet. There were no free resources to go towards any extracurricular activities, especially during my teenage years. All three of us boys were athletic and played sports. My father did not live with us; so therefore, support from him was limited not none.

The first I can remember going without was when I wanted to play football in middle school. I needed cleats and a mouth piece in order to play. Gloves were optional. Gloves were more just for aesthetic purposes. I had to beg my dad for cleats and gloves. His lady at the time was the one who constantly encouraged him to financially care for his biological kids. Having said that, if I had not played that year, I would not have had an opportunity to set a single rushing record of 1,440 yards, 12 TDs in 8 games (most sport fans can appreciate those stats). I also was the first recipient to receive “The Golden Helmet Award” from Toisnot Middle School in Wilson, NC my 8th grade year. That year in middle school I played football, basketball (needed shoes) and baseball (used my football shoes) and received a Tri-Athlete award. I had no idea I possessed the talent as a football player if I had not participated in organized football that year (1987-88) with the essential gear.

All throughout my high school years I played basketball, football, and track. I was in need of all the essential sporting equipment again; not to mention clothes for high school. My GRANDMOTHER (Pauline Taybron) would take us shopping every year using her JC Penny’s credit card to buy us a couple outfits for school. We had to twist our mother’s arm just to purchase us name brand shoes which we thought were inexpensive, but to her they were costly; especially buying for three teenage boys. It was very sad and discouraging, yet to avoid being picked on in school we needed to have name brand shoes and clothes. Bullying was in school then as it is now. My brothers and I shared our clothes and would switch up outfits throughout the week, so it would appear that we had more clothes than we did. Thankfully, my younger brother was a couple grades behind me, so we attended different schools. That allowed us to switch up outfits throughout the week and no one ever knew. Once my oldest brother (who was not my clothes size so it didn’t matter with him) graduated from high school and my younger brother attended high school with me, it became more difficult for us to pull off switching outfits during the week. Our clothes options were limited, so we had to switch up anyways and suffer the consequences later of being called out! Since we both were becoming popular due to our athletic abilities, we had to worry a little less about being picked on. There were still those jealous, cowardly bullies that didn’t care about athletic fame. Bullies want to humiliate anyone they see as potentially weak and vulnerable prey. I was bullied throughout my high school years even in college at UNC-Chapel Hill by my football teammates because I was quiet and different.

Growing up, I had really poor reading/comprehension skills. I rarely remember reading a book growing up at home. I really struggled badly reading out loud in class. It was embarrassing not being able to read and sound out words. I would get laughed at and made fun of on a regular basis. Not even mentioning my bed wetting years that started at an early age and followed me all throughout my teenage years up to my freshmen year in college. I wet the bed once in college and after that it ceased. Thank God for sparing me the embarrassing bed wetting experience in college! God knew how much I could bare and that alone would have sent me over the edge. I was suicidal during my college days at UNC. I was picked on by several players on the team. I took several pills attempting to take my life, but only ended up with a terrible stomach ache. God was watching over me then and I didn’t even realize it. I actually attempted to walk home from Chapel-Hill to Knightdale (approximately 40miles) during the summer ’93 football camp. That is how low in the dumps I was. However, those events happened to me in my younger years, so that I could be a witness to those who are in my shoes today. If I can survive and thrive through all of this, So Can You!!!!

Tying all those events together; and I’m sure I missed several other significant moments in my timeline, has brought me here to the E.A.T. Foundation of Wendell, NC. My wife and I love people and want to see them succeed in every aspect of their lives, especially our youth. We welcome you to CONNECT, GROW, FLOURISH with us.



Get planted into "Good Soil" at E.A.T. Foundation.


You get mentored and learn.


You become an effective leader in your community by giving back and teaching others.


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If you are studious and apply yourself to learning, then opportunities will come more readily available to become successful

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Mental Wellness

In order to be effective in your everyday lives, you must be a wholistic person. Sometimes it takes speaking to a professional to get you over the hump of gloom to Boom “Happy”

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Financial Stewardship

If you save, invest and budget you will have a well-balanced and healthy bank account and investment portfolio. No more financial woes!!!

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The Arts

You never know your talent until you try. Ask Misty Copeland. You may be the next Misty of ballet. The next Michael Jackson or Steve Wonder of music. Never limit yourself!

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Business Exposure

On Job Training (OJT) is one of the best ways to learn hands on. We want to connect you to opportunities to experience at Tech Company during a summer internship

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Field Trips

Destiny awaits you. Let’s take a trip to a local farm or visit the performing arts center in Chapel-Hill or New York City. You may just be the next Future Farmer of America or the next Denzel Washington. The sky is the limit!

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College Visits

In order to see what you are missing; you have to Go! Let’s go see what higher learning educational campuses look like, feel like, smell like

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If you learn leadership principles of leading yourself and people, then you will become a world renown leader of multiple levels in business, family, life, etc.

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Physical Fitness/Healthy Lifestyle

If you eat healthy meals and exercise regularly then your body will function on a higher optimal level than the normal person

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